Conservatives and Dating

Routine and infidelity are the main enemies to fight for a stable and happy couple. Sometimes, the one leads to the other, that is, the routine leads to infidelity; Other times, infidelity is a matter of principles to which many give a biological reason with the idea that women and men are not genetically designed to have the same sexual partner throughout their lives. And to solve this problem arise the liberal couples. But what about conservatives vs liberals dating?

liberal vs conservative dating

What are liberal couples?

It is not easy to define the concept of a liberal couple, but the basic premise is that both members of the couple agree to have a liberal relationship and that, at least the two of them, have the same idea of ​​what a liberal couple means. Because the term can range from those couples who refuse to live in the same house to maintain their independence and space to those who practice the exchange of partners.

From one type to another, the degree of liberality varies, but in almost all the central theme is sexual exclusivity. Without having to reach the exchange of partners, who has not ever imagined sleeping with another person without consequences for the relationship? Well, open couples can do it. And those who advocate this type of couples who are against sexual exclusivity say they are happier couples, more committed, more complicit and with more future than conventional couples.

Indeed, the motives of the liberal couples are more than reasonable and even the most conventional person could easily understand them. We are not the property of the other, we do not belong to the other, we have a future together because we have chosen it freely… but we will not live constrained in schemes that others have made. Each couple decides their own rules and sets their limits.

Liberal couple problems

A liberal couple implies absence of jealousy, dependence, obsession. In short, it implies the absence of all those enemies of a happy and healthy couple. But the liberal couples do not come with a guarantee for life, not even with a guarantee of a happy coexistence. Faced with reason, the most primal instincts are imposed. And that happens in love more than in any other area of ​​our life.

A couple that has been together for many years, threatened by routine but with sufficient knowledge of the other, can find in the alternative of a liberal couple a revitalization of the relationship. Seeing the couple from a new perspective does not cease to be a breath of fresh air to renew a life together. But liberal couples have as many enemies as conventional couples.

Because when the reason falls asleep, a liberal couple is also jealous, also finds reproaches, also suffers misunderstandings and can also be closed to incomprehension. But in any case, a liberal relationship is always an option to consider for those people who believe that an exclusive partner for life is unnatural.

Conservative couple problems

A common problem with conservative couples is the stale bedroom syndrome. People with conservative political views have less sex and are more prudish in the bedroom. Overall there are many problems to overcome if either political viewpoint is going to work in a relationship.